Urologists Say This May Be the Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Do you want to know how 75-year-old man is able to have sex? This man is Gordon Lawson, who had prostate cancer. In spite of the high blood pressure and his age, he says, that his sexual life continues. He can beat 18-year old boy, and it’s not because of the tablets. The man struggled with erectile dysfunction for many years, he has tried different methods of struggle, but nothing helped him. Medication helped the erection for a short time, but the man wanted more – he wanted constantly to have a good potency. Other men in this age also suffer from this disease. In the UK was conducted a study, scientists have gathered more than 50 people who had erectile dysfunction.

They take inhibitors, Viagra, Cialis, etc. But this method did not help them, because to maintain the potency is not the same thing as a treatment of getting rid of the problem. To remedy the situation, Gordon Lawson decided to take the injection treatment. To cause an erection, he had to insert the needle into the penis for 25 minutes. Thus the blood goes to the body, and erection occurs. But it was not easy, and has come to the aid MD – Bryan Steixner, who has decided to conduct implant surgery.

Surgical intervention

Erectile dysfunction is usually eliminated effectively by surgical intervention. Surgery may be performed in several ways:

  • restoration of arteries for strengthening blood flow to the male genitals;
  • blocking of veins that carry blood, on the contrary, it flows away from the genitals;
  • prosthetics.

Restoration of blood flow is necessary, if earlier the man suffered of a trauma that has caused damage to the genital or pelvic organs, which led to the disruption of normal blood flow and, as a consequence, to erectile dysfunction. If it is a penile implant, in this case in the penis are special implants, which will give him erect. Implantation is considered to be very reliable and effective method of sexual rehabilitation for men suffering from the most severe manifestations of erectile dysfunction of organic origin.


Implants typically consist of two rods or cylinders, made of polyurethane or silicone, which are introduced into the cavernous body during surgery. Pneumatic implant allows a man to successfully regulate the duration and frequency of erection, based on the desires and needs at a particular time. This implant is a pair of elongated cylinders – they swell with fluid and thus provide the onset of erection.

Naturally, prosthesis – is a very complex process that requires real skill of the surgeon and immense patience of men. After surgery, there is a big enough risk of various complications. But if the operation is successful, and the patient during the rehabilitation period is in compliance with all recommendations of the doctor, at the end of his hard way to expect a reward – a great erection, confident in his masculine power and impotence goodbye forever.

Before the surgery the patient must undergo a series of diagnostic processes. Implant surgery in disorders of potency requires the inside cavernous prosthetic of penis. Cut is made in the scrotum or foreskin over the pubis. Selecting a location for access depends on the health of the patient and on the type of prosthesis. On both sides of the penile prosthesis tube is set. It is important that the implant does not disturb the sensitivity of the penis and retains the ability to ejaculation and fertility, but only under the condition that these functions have been stored before the operation. During one week lost all swollen and painful events that have been associated with the operation.

Results of statistics

New artery connected to the cavernous bodies; in a few years undergo atherosclerosis. Thus, the efficiency of 2-3 vascular operations does not exceed 30%. Therefore now they are applied fairly narrow range of patients for specific indications such as isolated cavernous artery atherosclerosis, arterial venous drainage of excess type and others. Prosthetics, today, is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. The proportion of patients satisfied with the quality of sexual life after penile implant reaches 90%, while their partners are satisfied more than 70% of cases.

Sometimes during implantation of semi-hard prostheses partner do not even notice the difference if they do not know about the operation. Modern non-surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction have similar rates of patient satisfaction, and only 60-70% of sexual partners up to 60%.

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