The Best Pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, penis enlargement and better erection.

Now there is a wide range of products for the treatment of different erectile dysfunctions. However, it makes it too difficult to choose the best drugs.

Penis enlargement pills, creams, pumps for penis enlargement The list of such treatments is endless.

To facilitate this task, we divided the products for penis enlargement into four main categories and provided some information on each of them and chose the most efficient ones. We also added the new section called “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Male Enhancement Pills

Now there is a wide range of male sex drugs – the prescription pills, containing Sildenafil citrate and Tadalafil, to the natural supplements with different herbs, such as yohimbe and horny goat weed.

The main goal of prescription drugs (such as Viagra and Cialis) is to fight against erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, while the purpose of most supplements, sold without prescription or just over-the-counter, is to improve the quality of durability of erection and prolong pleasure.

Due to the fact that most drugs for penis enlargement are all-natural, they have almost no side effects, in contrast to the prescribed pill. The latter can cause many negative effects, such as headaches, back pain, heartburn, redness and indigestion.

Fortunately, there are a lot of popular drugs, sold without prescription, that show positive results. The most common brands are:

  • ProSolution,
  • VigRx Plus,
  • Extenze,
  • MaleExtra,
  • Vimax.

These herbal supplements continuously demonstrate great results and are excellent alternatives to Viagra. (In my sex pills review you can find out what I consider to be the most effective men sex pills).

Many men find it simple and safe and to take the pills is for the penis enlargement and treatment of erectile dysfunctions.

Creams, Oils and Gels For Penis Enlargement

There are many other solutions for the improvement of men’s sexual life. Such products include topical means like creams, oils, lotions, etc. (such as ProEnhance gel and Vimax Patches ).

These means produce fast and excellent results. Many men find them much more comfortable and easy, as their effect is instantaneous. Besides, the process of its application by your partner makes it much more pleasurable.

Some popular brands of these products are:

  • Maxoderm,
  • Enlast
  • VigRX Oil.

All of these products owe their popularity to their efficiency and continuous availability.

Creams For Penis Enlargement

Just as the drugs for the increase of mens’ sexual performance, external solutions improve your erections, and eventually make your penis larger.

Although, this increase is not very noticeable. No supplements can make your penis much larger. To achieve bigger increase, you should make use of a qualitative extender or pump.

Is It Better To Use Drugs or Gels/Lotions?

The result of using pills and lotions are usually similar: stronger, longer and more durable erections. It’s just a matter of taste.

If you find it crucial to meet the expectations of your partner in bed, try to combine both of these means for penis enlargement, as well as an external device such as a pump or extender. This will significantly improve your results.

Using a good pump or penis extender, you’ll really improve your sexual life. We highly recommend you these means for the penis enlargement.

Be Careful Using Delay Sprays and Creams

It may seem surprising, but sometimes your penis can be too sensitive. Most men reach orgasm much faster than they really want, so their partners remain unsatisfied. This may be the problem of premature ejaculation.

That makes the desensitizer so necessary for men. Such means include creams and sprays with light anesthetic.

Also called “delay sprays” or “creams”, they’re aimed at reducing the sensibility of penis, which helps you to delay the erection. Some of the most famous and efficient brands of “delay products” include such brands as Enlast and Viaman Delay Wipes.

Using such products, you can increase your endurance and will be surprised with the results. It’s such a pleasure to know that you and your partner can enjoy sex as long you want.

If you aspire to prolong the moments of your delight in bed, look at the list of the best “delay products”.

Ejaculation Enhancers to Increase the Amount of Sperm

The lack of seminal fluid can be much more important problem than you think, as it can lead to weaker orgasms and a reduced sperm count, as well as the negative psychological consequences.

As men become older, their seminal fluid decreases. The libido becomes lower unfortunately, but that’s life. But the volume of sperm you produce has a crucial impact on your sexual life.

When you start having shorter orgasms, the quality of your sexual act becomes lower and lower.

As sperm is an important factor when it concerns men’s orgasm. A larger volume of sperm means faster and more intensive contractions of the muscles, responsible for orgasm.

In short, the more sperm you produce, the stronger your orgasms will be.

The products containing natural ingredients are very important for the sexual health. There are some excellent products for the improvement of orgasms and increase of the volume of sperms, such as Vimax Volume and Volume Pills.

Taking a good volume enhancer, you can increase the volume of seminal fluid, which means longer and more durable orgasms, and consequently, better sexual life.

Extenders and Pumps For Penis Enlargement

Usually, there are two kinds of penis enlargement: surgical operation and external means. While the herbal supplements really increase the size of your penis, their results are not so noticeable, as their primary objective is to increase the performance.

And if you look through the history of operations to enlarge penis, you’ll find a lot of failed procedures with the horrible consequences. We think you wouldn’t want to go through the same thing.

Actually, there are only two safe and proven ways to significantly increase your penis. They are: 1) penis extender; 2) penis pump.

The Use Of Penis Extender Helps to Improve the Sexual Life

What are penis extenders?
Penis extenders are the devices intended to stretch and eventually increase the size of penis. Here is the list of the most popular and efficient brands:

  • Phallosan,
  • Quick Extender,
  • SizeGenetics,
  • ProExtender System.

The efficiency of these devices is proven by numerous studies. Used properly, the stretching of penis shows visible results, similar to those of some cosmetic operations. Even after you stop using penis extender the result will please you up to six months.

The main advantage of extenders is an increased length of penis. However, if your main goal is to gain extra thickness, you should use the penis pump.

Boost Your Self-esteem Using a Penis Pump

The use of penis pumps
Penis pumps are an effective tool for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and enlarging the size of your penis. These devices represent the only non-surgical way of penis enlargement approved by Food and Drug Administration.
These tools fill the penis blood vessels and tissues to the maximum, producing instantaneous and significant results. However, you must use it every single day to fix the results.

These pumps usually work by removing air from the chamber which lets the blood rush to the tissues and vessels of your penis. Recently, this design has been improved (by brand like Bathmate and Penomet) by replacing the warm water, which makes a distribution of volume and pressure more even and increases the blood flow due to the addition of heat.

It was proven that vacuum-operated pumps really improve men’s performance, erection and the size of penis. However, you must use both pumps and extenders care according to the instructions to avoid any kind of damage.

Which of the devices are more effective: pumps or extenders?

Actually, it is a matter of taste. However, if you need to increase length, choose an extender. And if your goal is to make your penis thicker, you should opt for a pump.

If you want to achieve better results, combine these two methods. But you should be careful, especially at the beginning. Use these tools only for a short time and according to the instructions to ensure the safety of your manhood and prevent all the possible damages.